4 Things that happen when you start working out

Fitness is not a destination; it’s a way of life. Or at least is supposed to be! We all need to get in shape to for that weekend college trip, farewell party or just to impress ‘someone’. But do you know what changes you go through when you get off the couch and onto the mat/treadmill? Read on:


Things that happen when you start working out

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1. You become more Energetic and Zippy:

You hit the gym for a week and you already feel your 6 pack building up (although you are the only one who feels so). You are more energetic and look at the mirror with more optimism. Your skin begins to glow and muscles tauten.


You become more Energetic and Zippy

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2. You become more conscious about your Lifestyle:

You realize that eating healthy food is what makes you a ‘cool’ guy instead of alcohol and cigarettes. And suddenly, habits like sports and morning run begin to develop.


You become more conscious about your Lifestyle

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3. You sleep like a Baby:

Workout is a must in men’s fashion world. But it leaves you drained and dead tired. You might even have to sleep without checking your girlfriend’s messages or posting a fitter photograph on Instagram.


You sleep like a Baby


4. You experience immense body pain:

Well, there’s a con too! After you stop being sedentary and start being active, your whole body aches like hell. If your friend jokingly punches you in the gut, you might just drop unconscious!


You experience immense body pain


Now you know what you are getting yourself into. Exercising is not just about looking good. So hit the gym to feel good!