4 signs you are in a relationship with food

If your first thought while reading this article is chocolate cake dipped in vanilla ice-cream, you are in the right place. Your relationship with one of the most prized necessities in the world is just about to get – OFFICIAL.

1. Your first thought in the morning is FOOD:

If you wake up thinking of cheese omelette, bacon and crispy bread – my friend, you are a food addict. Most people wake up either annoyed about the night ending or exceptionally chirpy about the new day – if you wake up with mouth-watering thoughts, things need to be reconsidered. Your clock works according to your tummy and your tummy according to your foodie thoughts.




2. All your conversations revolve around ONE thing:

During conversations if a person, a comment or a question reminds you of a single person – you know you are attracted to the person. EXACTLY in the same way, if most comments remind you of your favourite dish or a dish you can cook over the weekend or your dinner tonight – you know the love of your life can fit on a plate!




3. Calories? What is that?

The only ‘extras’ you care about go on your food or with your food. Calories, weight gain, weight loss are completely separate topics for you and are absolutely unrelated with  food. Your meal is your purpose and nothing can come in between that. Be it a pizza bursting with cheese or home-made spicy Poha – they are both equally important irrespective of the calorie intake.




4. Sharing is not caring:

Yes, of course, we can order for 5 people even if we are just 3 – but sharing is a strict no-no. Who shares food, anyway? It’s yours and only yours. If you like a person a little bit, you may just allow a ‘little’ bit of food tasting BUT in exchange of the same otherwise who ever assumes you’d be willing to share food is living in an imaginary world!




So my foodie friend, go ahead dream about your next meal and enjoy it – alone. That’s the only real relationship anyway.