4 Fish varieties those are healthiest to eat

We all know that including fish in our diet is very important. They are a lean source of healthy protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, a must for all. The problem lies in buying the fish, which is a tricky task. Well, if they are raised in a sustainable environment and are healthy, they are good to eat. Below is a guide that will help you pick the healthiest varieties of fish and get the required protein intake.

4 Fish varieties those are healthiest to eat


1. Salmon :

Salmon has a pleasant aroma and meaty pink skin. A variety highest in Omega 3s and a super source of Vitamin D. Salmon unlike many other fishes can be cultivated in farms while retaining their original protein source, which makes them eco-friendly too. Bake a salmon in the oven with a mix of vegetables or pan fry it. Eat this healthy and tasty fish twice a week for a full package of goodness.


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2. Tuna :

Canned tuna is a kitchen favorite and for good reason. Easy to cook, a source of low-fat protein and rich in vitamins B12 and D, tuna is popular pantry choice. They are slightly high in sodium; however, low sodium versions are also easily available if you are watching your salt intake. Make a tuna spread for a yummy, healthy and iron packed salad that you and your family will love!


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3. Indian Mackerel :

The Indian Mackerel is widely available on the western coast of the country. It has a strong flavor and might be difficult for everyone’s palette. However, this fish is the powerhouse of Omega 3 and very readily available, making it a popular choice. Its hollow body makes it easy to put stuffing in before cooking. Fry, bake or steam it, this fish is a meal.

Indian Mackerel

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4. Silver Pomfret :

A popular variety among top chefs, pomfret is a crowd pleaser. Pomfret fishes are high in fat content; provide calcium, vitamins A, D, and B12, which are very important for our nervous system. They also have iodine, which aids our thyroid glands. To top it all, they help in improving eyesight, quality of hair and skin. Expensive, delicious and packed with nutrients this fish is best when fried or baked, as it retains the original flavor. Tandoori or Masala pomfret are also popular delicacies found at restaurants.

Silver Pomfret

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So add them to your diet and make your meal both tasty and healthy.