4 Core Fitness Rituals Of Football Players

The fitness of soccer players starts at the gym. Any football player needs to focus on speed, strength, and power, hence the gym workouts for men should be in sync. Since most of the soccer players cannot spend their entire day on the football ground, they should essentially know the recommended exercises for men that can help them improve their posture, balance, power, and speed.

The stronger you are, the more speed you will be gave. Instead of ‘popular’ exercises you will have to focus on some core fitness rituals that will help you to improve your speed, endurance and agility. Most of the top-level soccer players never compromise on their fitness rituals, we present you the 4 core gym workouts essential for football players.

1. Front Stretch:

Do this essential exercise for 3 times in a week. For doing Front Stretch, you need to lie down with stomach facing the ground. Keep yourself in vertically straight, keeping your arms stretched in front, while your legs, glutes should be squeezed in together. Slowly raise your left leg, hold it for 30 seconds and bring it down. Now repeat this for your right leg. Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each, you can take a rest of 1-2 sec between the sets.



2. Side Stretch:

You should repeat the entire exercise while keeping yourself still in the side position. Remember to stretch the legs to the maximum possible extent, feel the pain, the nerves and let the body sweat. It is highly recommended to do both the exercises simultaneously for minimum 3 days of the week.



3. Single-leg hurdle linear hops:

You cannot miss this core exercise that will strengthen your legs, instilling agility and flexibility to control the ball on the ground. You need to combine both lateral and linear hops to achieve the best results over time. You need to do 4 hops at a time and repeat it twice. This fitness regime should be implemented for both type of hops. For a linear hop, imagine a hurdle of 6 inches to lift your body making sure that you land comfortably on the ground without hurting your ankles, keep on increasing the speed as you practice reaching to a point that you cannot extend.



4. Single-leg hurdle lateral hops:

Repeat this procedure for the lateral single-leg hops just make sure that you always land softly with total control over your feet. The combination of these two exercises will build up your bilateral strength, as soccer players spend most of their time on the ground on one leg or the other.