3 Ways To Reduce Fat After A Vacation

Worried about getting back into shape after the break? You should be, as the fat just looks on your face, body and the attitude. You need to ensure that months of your hardwork, sweat and control should not go waste like that. Do not feel guilty, the best way forward is to start the action plan right from the very flight you are about to catch for your way back to home! You still can carry along with new fashion style for men but it is just that you will again hit back to your schedule that you used to adhere, the strict diet chart for men and obviously the gym workouts for men that were your delight!

1. Flight workout :

While you are in plane, you can start activating your abs just by squeezing them in tight and pulling them back against your spine as you exhale. Yes, pressurize your abs by pulling in from the center, the similar fashion you do the ab exercise. You need to remember and pull everything in from a vertical line starting from the belly button to the breastbone, pull in and back towards your spine. You need to hold this position as you do the countdown from 10. Now, release and repeat at least 10 reps with minimum four times in a gap of every 6-7 hours. This will help you to remain in good posture, will help you keep agile and will also work on the dormant ab muscles. Breathing out and pushing air out is one of the best yoga exercise that helps to flatten your stomach, and have numerous other health benefits.



2. Clinch only the veggies :

Detoxify your body after the irregular and disparate eating, you just need now to grab fresh, leafy, pure greens. Pick up only fruits, lots of salads and just tons of veggies. Vegetables are packed with water, so they will help you to stay hydrated and give you loads of nutrients. Veggie will also clean your digestive tract, as they have needed fibres that will move, push out wastes, salt, and toxins from your body. You will start feeling the change immediately you land up!



3. Hit the Gym :

Before you go anywhere, start your day from the temple of physical health. Make your to-do list and jog out your way to gym even if on the first day back you may find it difficult to rewind up your determination level. Make it a priority, as you wake up and hit the gym, you will set yourself free from all the guilt and will again tread the journey for a healthy lifestyle.