3 Most Dangerous Bull Sports In World

Sport defines a man. The game you play on-ground more or less builds up your personality. Some men love to play dangerous games they love to take risks and love to overcome them. Right from mountain climbing to bull sports, there is an ‘element of fear’ that lies within. The bull sports are little more than adventure sports, as a serious to very serious injury may occur while playing these games. No reason why playing these games is banned in many countries. Bull sports are one of the most dangerous sports on the planet as you are playing against not a human but a beast, that do not show any mercy on the opponents. As a player, you not only have to be physically fit but also mentally strong by remaining committed to the suggested exercises for men and recommended diet chart for men to face the danger ahead.



1. Running the Bull:

This is the sport that involves chasing the bull together with other men who think they can run along with bull. There is a lot of danger involved due to goring of bull, asphyxiation, and stampede that occurs amongst the fans. This unique festival, also called “The Festival of San Fermin” that usually takes place on the 6th of July in Pamplona, Spain started as an activity to transfer bulls from their breeding to the place of slaughter. Although this sport is celebrated among the locals by dance, music, and decorations but every year approximately 50-60 people get injured due to unforeseen happenings that occur due to Bull Run.



2. Taming the Bull:

This is a uniquely dangerous sport that is played in State of Tamil Nadu, India where the players try to overpower and tame the bull through its horn. Popularly called as “Jallikattu”, this sport is played to mark the thanksgiving for plentiful harvests wherein there is a direct fight between a man and a raging bull that weighs more than 1000 Kg! According to reports, nearly 100 people have lost their lives by trying their might with a bull, as a result, the sport is officially banned in the country.



3. Riding the Bull:

The other variant of the bull sport is riding on the bull itself, as staying mounted on the bull becomes difficult as it keeps bucking off the rider on the ground or in the air. There are lots of dangers involved in the game, as fatal injuries often occur. This sport is now played with the inclusion of protective gears that protects the body from the dangers of the unforeseen accidents.