10 Reasons To Kick That Butt And Quit Smoking

We all know there is no shortage of reasons why we should quit smoking. We know that it is extremely hazardous to our health and leads to high risk of lung and mouth cancer, but we end up ignoring the warning signs and light up anyway. We feel that it won’t happen to us or even that we’re not really that addicted.Well here are some more reasons, less dire than cancer, but hopefully motivating enough to make you kick that butt!




1. Spend less money:

It’s a habit which only gets more expensive over time. All over the world, taxes are being increased on cigarettes and the price is continually being inflated. There is even the secondary cost of the side effects of smoking like your recurring cough or even the mass amounts of deodorant you have to keep spraying so you don’t stink up the room.




2. Sleep better:

Studies say that smokers are likely to feel 4 times less rested after a night’s sleep because of the nicotine withdrawal that the body goes through while sleeping.


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3. Better sexual performance:

Smoking reduces blood circulation, and with reduced blood flow to the genitals, arousal for both men and women becomes difficult. Men who smoke have a lower sperm count and increased abnormalities in the sperm.




4. Brighter teeth:

Nobody likes tobacco stained teeth. Smoking causes yellowness and stains and teeth cleaning costs a bomb. Not to mention the damage to your gums.



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5. Less wrinkles:

It’s a fact that long term smokers have more wrinkles and look older. Smoking speeds up your aging process by narrowing your blood vessels and damaging skin tissue.



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6. Enjoy your food:

Smoking mutes your taste buds and spoils your palette. It also reduces your sense of smell, thereby diminishing your overall pleasure of eating food.



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7. No burns:

Avoid the little, round burns in your clothes and car seats caused by cigarette sparks. Moreover, avoid burning yourself, which accidentally happens so often when we mix a cigarette with a couple of drinks.




8. Be nagged less:

Despite the number of smokers, there is larger section of society that feels it is their civic duty to chastise smokers in an effort to get them to quit. Everyone from your doctor to your mother will probably be routinely telling you to give up the nasty habit, until you do.




9. Heal better:

Studies show that smokers do not heal as well after surgeries like tooth extractions and smaller wounds.




10. Be more kissable:

Nobody wants to kiss a guy with rank, cigarette breath. Something about cigarette smells just lingers on your hands and mouth and is extremely unattractive.Also, when you smoke a lot, your clothes start to smell. Please use deo!



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Society has progressed enough that smoking doesn’t even give you cool points anymore. There are no longer any upsides to being a smoker, so do yourself and everyone around a much needed favour and ditch that butt now.