What men need to learn from new york men’s fashion week 2018?

Without wasting time, we take you straight to the new trends in fashion for men directly from New York Fashion Week Men Fall 2018 that ran over three days to showcase the men’s latest fashion.


1. Aside from some flashy underwear, designers showcased more of designs with the tonal look that included ivory shearling jean jackets, python-printed pants and color matching rocker boots with oversized amber shades.




2. In formals, wide-lapel suits in shiny pink and yellow were showcased to suit L.A. spectators. Gray pinstripes were clearly dominating that were youthfully paired with bare ankles and a tassel loafer/athletic sneaker.




3. Outerwear, particularly the jazzy dinner jackets in printed metallics, over Lurex turtlenecks this time.




4. Some amazing coats were displayed that had full-length buff shearling over a collegiate pink and gray pullover and off-white jeans. The combination of hoodie and sweatpants was looking stunning and absolutely fresh.


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5. The raw denim jeans with flame stitching up the side and the roulette-wheel sports shirt was another attraction.




6. Faded quilt jackets with florals, patchwork suits with botanical prints were elegantly combined with foulards tied in a droopy bow at the neck.


7. Manly spirit casualness was at full glow with workwear-inspired grays and blacks, spiced with bare and tattooed chests.


8. Layering was exceptional with a cropped bomber over a leather jean jacket with wide cholo-style jeans. Also notable was a long overcoat in a prison-gray, rough blanket wool worn over tight whiteys.


9. Gray was showcased in more than 50 shades in ankle-grazing overcoats, thickly knit turtlenecks to hunker down in an athletic wear such as baseball-uniform shirt in the thinnest, finest suede.