Top 3 Types Of Shorts For Men

Shorts are one of the most comfortable and stylish chunks of clothing ever made. They are a wardrobe essential for most men, as they prefer using shorts as an informal clothing. But shorts are very versatile and can also be paired with formal clothes as per the occasion and preference. According to the latest fashion trends for men here is a list of top three types of shorts that are a must-have for every individual this season.

Loose cargo Shorts

Loose cargo Shorts – They are the best choice of shorts for the summers as their loose-fitting makes them very comfortable and relaxing. An added advantage with wearing these shorts is that they allow the air to move freely within them reducing the problem of perspiration in the groin area. A new trend in fashion for men is to wear them with a tshirt and a p
air of canvas shoes.

loose cagos


Sports Shorts

Sports Shorts – Sports shorts are ideal for people who enjoy outdoor games or perform regular gym workouts. They are loosely fitted and don’t itch which makes them perfect choice of clothing for athletes. These types of shorts look good when paired with a t-shirt and a set of quality running shoes.

sports shortz


Distressed Denim Shorts

Distressed Denim Shorts – These are one of the most stylish types of shorts that are available in the market today. Distressed denim shorts look unique and trendy when paired with a fashionable t-shirt and a set of boat shoes or high ankle canvas shoes.