Top 3 Smartest Smartwatch For Men

A smartwatch is a gadget that you won’t regret buying. Equipped with multiple features like GPS, barometer, temperature sensor, compass, heart rate monitor, music player etc. this is one small yet compelling device. A smartwatch beside being very useful also looks extremely trendy. Here is a list of top three latest smartwatches that are mens new style in 2017.

Apple watch 2

Apple watch 2 – Apple is one of the biggest brands in the market today and is well known for making top-notch consumer electronics. The Apple watch 2 is one of the best smartwatches that you can currently buy. This water-resistant device is equipped with features like GPS onboard, heart rate monitor, music player etc. Although a touch pricey but the quality of this smartwatch is second to none.



Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 – The Samsung S3 is among the best-selling smartwatches in the market today and a good option for you to buy this season. This smartwatch has an instinctive interface and comes with a super AMOLED screen. This looks more classical than the other smartwatches and the main high point is the revolving bezel which makes it easy to use.



Fossil Q Marshall

Fossil Q Marshall – This smartwatch has the best design among all the smartwatches that are currently available in the market today. The fossil Q Marshall is a good option for you if you are looking for something different and cheaper. Although this smartwatch offers fewer features than the other two smartwatches, it is still a good option to consider in this category.