The Latest – Tshirt With Shirt Combination, Trend For Men

The most stylish latest fashion for men, is shirt and T-shirt combination. The sheer design contrast and the ‘dual effect’ look you fashionable, trendy and cool.

This casualwear look is the men new fashion, for almost all occasions where you should appear up-to-the-minute, younger and fresh. Always choose fresh colors in contrast with the color of the shirt. Let’s look at few combinations -

1. Sky with Clouds:

Embrace blue, as it looks cool on men. Either choose a plain white tee under a blue button-down shirt or choose the reverse. Pair this with some classic bronzed chinos and you’re good to go. Finish the look off with some white sneakers and make it your perfect, go to summer outfit.

sky with clouds


2. Check them out :

Wear an open checked shirt with a graphic T-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans and accessories like wrist skull chain or a band. Choose a loose-fitting shirt with a loose-fitting T-shirt with tight skinny when your physique is lean.

check them out


3. Loud T-shirt :

If you want to overpower your presence, just wear a tight loud t-as your base and over-shirt needs to be in soft color, letting the T-shirt do the talking. Wear this combination with ripped jeans and few accessories for men including wrist band or chain and a metallic pendant to stay connected to current fashion trends for men.

loud tshirt