Shirts With Shorts Style For Men

You might have tried all the styles but if you want to go with the latest fashion trends for men, wear full sleeve shirts with shorts! The latest men new style will make look more sharp, attractive, manly and confident.



Always choose a cotton shorts preferably a chino shorts that is just end up with the thighs. Slightly tight, raised-up shorts will look more fashionable and sensuous. You can flaunt your well-toned thighs with this style of menswear.



Do not wear, yes do not wear very formal shirts with this style, simple formal shirts with folded sleaves is recommended.



Sport your style with loafers or sneakers, spiced up with aviator, rounded frame or a square framed sunglass. If you love wearing accessories, pick up one of the best Rolex watches or just a bracelet to add ‘ínspiration’ to your style.



While adopting this latest fashion for men, remember to avoid a belt in this style, as it looks more appropriate to wear shorts without belt, and shoes without socks.

Enjoy this unique style of manliness, that is a fabulous way to look astounding on the street. Try wearing striped shirts, plain shirts and blue denim shirts with the contrasting shorts, to boost your looks.