Different grooming regimes for different occasions

You can spend your teens experimenting with trends and make fashion blunders. But when you hit your mid-twenties and are out of college you need to groom your personal aesthetics and your body. As you move into a new phase of life, you let go of that printed shirt you have been hiding in your closet for over a decade. Similarly, different occasions in life call for different grooming regimes that are more apt for you. Grooming is no longer just getting a hair cut, you need to invest time in yourself.

Different grooming regimes for different occasions


1. Casual Friday :

Heading for a casual outing or get together does not need to cause such a dilemma. You do not want to turn up underdress or overdressed- especially when the girl you want to impress will be there. Grab a smart shirt and pair it with a pair of chinos or jeans. Go for a pair of classic brown shoes and don’t forgot to wear no-show socks with them. If you do not like shaving, invest in a trimmer for a well-groomed beard. Invest in a good cologne as the temperatures soar, we don’t want others gifting us perfumes on our birthday!

Casual Friday

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2. Party :

The most conventional party look is a navy blue blazer with a pair of light gray khakis and an undertone blue shirt. Brown shoes look great with gray and blue, you can pick a pair of formal brown shoes with ankle length socks. You can skip the tie and replace it with a pocket square for a slightly more glamorous look. Less is more these days; you can be flexible while choosing fabrics and colors for your attire.


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3. Travel :

You need to be comfortable when you travel, be it short or long distances. Invest in stand out items that last long and you can use with ease. Pick a pair of comfortable jeans or track pants and team it with a casual t-shirt for any journey. As the temperatures rise, get a decent pair of sandals that are far more appealing than flip flops, especially if you have hairy toes! You can swap your pants with a pair of shorts or cargos for a comfortable, airy feel. Up your eyewear game and get a branded pair that suits your face. While everything else is covered do not forget to carry an impressive bag and not those freebies from the gym.


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4. Office :

Just because it’s 46 degrees outside it doesn’t mean you have to dress like a Baltics fan. Master the warm weather in style and look like a grown up even with a heat wave on. Whether it is a work event or a business meeting, buy a decent suit and get it tailored. There is nothing worse than an ill fitted suit. While most men have ignored cuff links, they look extremely professional and can be worn for events like these. Do not forget your favorite scent, a keynote with wood or aqua to enhance your masculinity. The heat might dry out your skin so keep a water based moisturizer and a face wash like the HE Waterless Face wash if you are always on the go. Keep your hair and beard well trimmed, because looks do matter. Who knows which client might call a last-minute meeting, so always be meeting ready with these tips.


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Take time out to get a 360-degree approach to your grooming regime. In this fashion era, you need a variety of clothes, which you can grab even at the nick of the moment.