Colors to avoid this summer

Summer is finally here and summer sweat is an actual problem. Step one is realizing and embracing the fact that you’re a sweaty pig so you can tackle those leaky stains with some ease. Winter and spring offer so many dressing options to look sharp, but summer is a big no-no. The last thing you want is sweat gushing from your face like the Niagara Falls.

Colors to avoid this summer

Colors are a cruel mistress and finding hues that work with your skin tone is not very easy. Read on for a useful guide to finding colors that won’t work for you this summer.

1. Grays :

If you constantly have leaky pits, back, and chest, it’s best that you stay away from hues of dark gray this summer. They are the worst options for hiding sweat and also absorb tons of heat that will make you sweat even more. However, wearing patterns in this shade for an evening outing might not cause that much damage.


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2. Black and Navy :

Black is a strict no-no for summers. You will be roasting inside because dark colors absorb the sun’s rays and trap their heat, making you feel even hotter. Black and navy blues are a constant in every man’s wardrobe and we know it makes up most of their formal and corporate wear, but it’s worth keeping them to a minimum to have a cool and comfortable month.

Black and Navy

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3. Red :

You might look a little too bold in red and stand out of the crowd. Red as a color conveys both assertiveness and power, however, it will not be the best choice when the temperate is at 45 degree Celsius. Red along with its hues are best not worn in summer as they give a washed out look because of all the heat they trap.


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4. Purple :

Purple is one of the most overlooked colors in menswear, and there is no surprise why. You should avoid darker hues of purple like burgundy that are loud and opt for subtle tones like mauve. You are more likely to leak and have patchy sweat stains when dark and loud colors are worn in summer. Dial the volume down and keep these shades for those dark winter days.


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Final word, summer may be here but that does not mean you have to give up on colors you like. You can be stylish wearing your favorite colors but in lighter hues that will not only help you feel cool but also look sharp. You cannot avoid sweating when the temperate is boiling but can look less of a sweaty wreck if you avoid these colors in summer!