4 Fashion Faux Pas to avoid this summer

Summers are round the corner! What to wear? Did this result in a perplexed look on your face? If yes, then we can so relate to you because gone are the days when men had limited options to rule the fashion world. The latest fashion for men has no boundaries for experimentation and creativity. Scroll down to make certain that you do not turn out to be a fashion faux pas in the process of ruling the fashion world, this summer.

4 Fashion Faux Pas to avoid this summer

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1. Choose your shorts wisely :

In summers, shorts are likely to top the list of latest fashion trends. But, do not go all out and wear it to your workplace. Also, keep in mind that the length of the shorts should not be too short. Don’t keep it too tight to look right!

Choose your shorts wisely

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2. Socks and Sandals! Like seriously? :

Don’t be a fashion faux pas by going all sockless. Well, does that mean you can wear socks and sandals? Of course, not! So immediately drop the idea of wearing socks with your sandals and well, we just saved you from committing the biggest fashion blunder. Thank us later!

Socks and Sandals! Like seriously

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3. Short-sleeved shirts – A big ‘NO NO’ :

Getting a short-sleeved shirt can be a tricky thing unless you are all set to shed off some dimes on the fifties collar style a la Prada. Also, if you end up buying one, then do not ruin your fashion and style statement by wearing a tie with your short-sleeved shirt. It’s a bigturn off!

Short-sleeved shirts - A big ‘NO NO’


4. Vest is an under-layer. Let’s keep it that way only! :

We understand that you are prepping up for a summer body in full swing. But, does that mean you’ll flaunt your biceps and triceps by wearing vest? Vest is an under-layer so let’s keep it that way! Wearing just a vest on a beach holiday is cool but otherwise it’s a ‘BIG NO’.

Vest is an under-layer. Let’s keep it that way only!


Fashion is not all about buying a fashionable piece of cloth and shedding off oodles of money. It’s about pulling off every look without dumbly following the models that you see in the magazines. So, this summer, follow our tips and experiment with your looks without being a fashion faux pas!