Why You Must Wear Slim Fit Shirts Instead of Regular Fit Shirts

You might be spending a lot of time in the trial room, checking the fit and size of the shirt you are buying, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to buy the right shirt. You also need to understand the basics of buying the right shirt; one such basic is the right fit. There are two fits- regular fit and slim fit. Most people choose regular fit over slim fit when it should be the reverse. Let’s understand why.



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1. Attenuates Body Shape:

It’s true that the regular fit is a piece of classic fashion, but it does nothing to your body shape. On the other hand, a regular shirt, due to falling perfectly on your contours brings out the shape of your body. Even when you have a slim body, slim fit shirt makes your body looks toned while a regular fit shirt makes you look like a hanger for the shirt.




2. Flaunts Muscles:

Slim fit shirts are especially recommended for men with toned and muscular physique. As slim fit shirts enhance the shape of your body, it imprints your muscles; your chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps on it. The best way to wear them is by rolling the sleeves up to your elbows. This will make the shirt tighter around your biceps and triceps and also let you show off your strong forearms.



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3. Regular Fit is so Passe’:

Do you see all the actors on screen, from TV to movies, from Bollywood to Hollywood? You know what’s common between them? Hardly anyone among them wear Regular Fit. Regular Fit shirts are undoubtedly a thing of past. All actors wear slim fit these days, for the two reasons that are mentioned above.




4. No Compulsory Tuck In:

The best thing about slim fit shirts is that it gives you more flexibility in terms of styling. With a regular fit you have to necessarily tuck in, otherwise it will look flappy and odd. With slim fit however, there is no such compulsion. You can tuck it in, tuck out, or keep it half tucked; it will look as good.



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The reasons mentioned above certainly make a strong case for wearing slim fit shirts. After all, the ultimate aim of men’s fashion is to make men look good. No wonder slim fit shirt is the new style for men.