Which Watch Suits Your Personality?

There was a time when most people used the wrist watch for time keeping; not any more. In the digital world that we live in, surrounded by desktops, laptop, tablets etc., indications of time are everywhere. Gradually and quietly, over the last decade or so the wristwatch has transformed itself into one of the fashion accessories for men, rather than something we wear for its utility; a sartorial necessity like a cufflink, or a pocket square or a bracelet. The watch in that sense has become an extension of your personality, something that reflects your inner style and character.



1. Sleek:

You have the average guy size wrist. Small and compact is your idea of style. You are a sports car fan and the lapel of your jacket is more likely to be slim and notched rather than peaked. You like your watch to fit snugly on your wrist, anything smaller than 40 mm.




2. Sporty:

You like speed, are a gym freak, are always in shape, follow sports closely, and never miss a single game of football. You also hope to own a hot sports car one day. Your watch is a window to your sporty soul.




3. Adventurous:

You might be stuck in the whirlpool of corporate life but you never miss out on the chance to go for a hike or bungee jumping or parasailing. This shows that deep inside you seek adventure. Your watch should express that about you. Something rugged maybe?




4. Travel-mate:

If you are someone who believes in the life on the road and if you spend a lot of time travelling, make sure you get something that works for you. You also like road trips and trekking. A watch that can withstand the hiking trail would be a good choice.




5. Size Matters:

You are the guy who likes to live life king size. Big wrist, big shoulders, big appetite, king size bed. Rather than driving an SUV you would prefer to be driven in a Bentley or a Mercedes E class. Your watch- Anything above 45 mm in diameter.




6. Flashy:

You like the swagger, shimmer and the flash. You like your watch to make a statement even before you arrive at a party. So what better metal than gold? You are a cuff-links and tie-bar kind of guy. You will never be caught in an understated tie.



The way we dress and accessorize ourselves speaks the most about our personalities in setting the first impression. Make sure you make it count.