What shoes to wear with different outfits

The blending of so many fashion trends has led to a lot of confusion in matters of clothing. While it is still a bit simpler to figure out what kind of clothes go with each other, shoes are an entirely different story. There are no barriers anymore and everyone seems to be experimenting and mixing as much as possible. Some of these turn out to be really great while the others could be quite an eyesore. We want to make sure you don’t end up with any weird looking combinations:




1. With Chinos:

While Chinos were originally designed to be worn with formal shoes, the latest fashion trends tell a very different story. Pairing them up with sneakers and loafers seems to quite a good idea. However, make sure you steer clear of flip flops and other open slip-ons as they look very shabby. When it gets really cold, you might need something sturdier. In that case, grab a pair of lace-up boots to give the chinos more of a mountain-man feel.


Image Courtesy: Blogspot
Image Courtesy: Blogspot

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2. With Jeans:

Denims are standard wear which is why it is extremely easy to pair them with any type of footwear. To get a casual look, you could try out some faded light denims and pair them with sneakers or brogues. Wear white jeans to give a sophisticated classy chic look, especially paired with a dressy shoe like oxfords or monk-straps. Warning: Be caution when pairing white jeans with a dark brown shoe, especially formal/dress shoes as the sharp contrast may be quite jarring.


Image Courtesy: WordPress
Image Courtesy: WordPress

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3. With Shorts:

A lot of the times, guys are just wearing sandals but sandals should only be worn in very casual situations such as the beach. Otherwise, look to something like driving moccasins, boat shoes, and casual penny loafers. Also, leave the socks or wear hidden socks underneath. If you’re looking for a sportier look, sneakers are the safest and coolest way to go. Referring to the latest fashion blogs to get an idea of footwear to go the wide variety of shorts would be a good idea.


Image Courtesy: Iron and tweed
Image Courtesy: Iron and tweed

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4. With Formal Wear:

A proper suit warrants and deserves a proper dress shoe. Now is when you break out your shiniest cap-toe oxfords, or even a handsome whole cut style. When you want to show off your corporate tycoon side, go for a pair of slick city boots or sneakers. When it comes to the latter, avoid sportiness and technical details in favor of something clean and simple.



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Though there are several other types of outfits, these 4 are the most common and definitely the most experimented with. We hope this helps you create some thumb rules to figure out your wardrobe better.