Ways to Dress Like a Gentleman

There are lots of ways a man can dress but to look like a gentleman you have to follow some classic fashion rather than just following whatever the latest fashion trends are. Some new trends keep with the classy theme but some are just obscure, ridiculous, and un-gentlemanly. Here are some tips you can follow to dress like a gentleman:




1. Wear a Tie/Bow-Tie:

A smart tie or bow tie automatically gives a super classy and well-dressed look. Of course your outfit has to go well with it. You can pull off bowties with even a crisp tucked in shirt and not just a full-blown suit. Bow ties have been trending for a while and they are here to stay!



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2. Tailored Fitting:

Badly fitted menswear, especially formal wear looks really sloppy. If you’re going for a formal look and you really want to make an impression then make sure it’s tailored to perfection as that can make a lot of difference to your appearance. Super classy gentleman make sure that their tailoring is on point.



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3. Classy Accessories:

Apart from the clothes, the accessories also matter a lot. You can’t just not accessorize or wear a worn out, out dated watch and call it a day. Especially in formal wear, pocket squares, cufflinks, trendy watches all look great. A standard, classy leather watch is a great investment that can go with a lot of looks.



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4. Trendy Colours:

One aspect in which you should follow the latest fashion and style is when it comes to picking your colour palette. Although blacks and blues are subtle and long lasting, experimenting with some pastels and trendy colours can give a great look. Add in a pop of colour to not just look gentlemanly but also fashionable.



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These are some ways to look like a classy and fashionable gentleman. Your attire and dressing sense says a lot about you so putting in effort there is a necessity. For a true gentlemanly look some investment into classy clothes is also required, but trust me, it will be worth it! And to know further how to dress like a gentleman, check out Hrithik Roshan’s look and style in this impressive video of He Respect Deo