Unsaid Rules of Wearing a Cut Sleeve T-shirt

It is quite understandable that you have worked hard on your body your body and you would like to show that off. Unfortunately, there’s just one season that lets you do that summer. You eagerly take out your sleeveless t shirts and tank tops to wear and flaunt your rippling muscles, but hold on, your show off plans might fail terribly if you don’t keep certain things in mind. Here we list them down for you.



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1. Keep The Fit In Mind:

Make sure that the t shirt fits you well. Its sleeves should close perfectly around your arms. It shouldn’t be loose so that it reveals your torso below your arms. Showing off your biceps by wearing sleeveless is good but hardly anybody is interested in seeing your bare skin below your arms. It just looks bad and totally unstylish.




2. Shave/Wax Your Underarms:

It is not a rule. It is common sense. Armpit hair looks ugly, no matter how chiselled up your arms are. Arm pit hair defeats the entire purpose of wearing a sleeveless t shirt- that is to look stylish. But style without cleanliness is not style at all.



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3. Take Care Of The Arm Hole:

Don’t pick a sleeveless t shirt with too big an armhole. It will unnecessarily bring you unwanted stares, that too non-appreciative in nature, that will make you wonder if you are roaming naked or what. Most of all, make sure your nipples are not exposed. In that case, you are as good as not wearing a t shirt at all.




4. Choose The Occasion Carefully:

You must not wear it at a family gathering. You must not wear it too your office. No, you can’t even wear it at a party, unless the party has a hipster theme. Sleeveless t shirts can be best worn at gym, beach vacation, hiking, etc.



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It’s good if you have got bulging biceps. It’s good if you show it off by wearing cut sleeve. But it’s not good to wear them wrong. You must, in every situation, follow the unsaid rules mentioned above. If even one of the rules is not followed, better not wear the t shirt at all.