Types of T-shirts you can Wear This Summer

Summer means it’s the season of t-shirts and they are after all the ultimate and most comfortable menswear. Even guy has his hoard of t-shirts that define his personal style and during every summer, some more are purchased. For this season, we’re here to tell you what summer t-shirts and will work your fashion and style:




1. Plain:

A basic plain t-shirt always works. Whether it’s black or white, or in a bright colour, it’s easy to pair and usually looks good. You should have a good stock of plain t-shirts to fall back on when you’re confused about what to wear on a casual day out and it’s basic and classic fashion.



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2. Polo T-shirt:

Another classic, every guy should have his set of polo tees. They’re a bit more formal but equally easy to incorporate in your wardrobe. You can wear it with jeans or pants, tucked in or out, completely depending on your personal preference. Polo tees are the perfect cross between shirts and t-shirts.



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3. Printed:

You can experiment a lot with printed tees depending on the latest trends. You can keep it simple with basic stripes and checks or you can go all out with crazy, graphic prints. They’re all great for a summer day.



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4. Designer T-shirts:

You can even go for subtle designers t-shirts that have a special cut of design on them. It makes you put just a little bit more effort in your dressing and makes you look super fashionable without being over the top.



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So break out your summer t-shirts and see which ones you need to buy. You can even browse online as they have great t-shirts on sale of all varieties and t-shirt sizes are usually pretty standard online. Whether you go for basic tees or polo shirts, you’ll definitely find something you like!