Tucked In or Tucked Out?

What’s more important than what you’re wearing is how you’re wearing it? Individually your black snake leather shoes could be your showstopper element in your outfit but pairing it with the wrong shirt will definitely ruin your look. Same goes with the shirt. It’s not that easy decision that you can leave on the last minute. Your entire look depends on this – whether your shirt will be tucked in or tucked out? Navigate through this tricky decision with ease using this checklist.




1. Where are you going:

If it’s a formal dinner with colleagues or meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, your look will be detrimental in the first impression they have of you. So, go for a formal shirt tucked in with a subtle shade of belt and coordinated shoes to complete the look. The dress pants necessitate that your shirt be tucked in! You don’t have to give a second thought to that. On the contrary, at the beach, a tucked in shirt with even a rich looking belt will not make the appearance any less ridiculous. So, a summer day out or a casual home dinner with friends will go well with a tucked out shirt.



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2. What fabric it is:

For a more chilled out and warm look, sport a denim or linen shirt and leave it untucked. If its flannel or chambray works shirts that you’re going for, tuck them in. There’s also the hem that can suggest you. An uneven hem suggests you to tuck it in whereas the even hem can be left untucked. But, if it’s a hawaiian shirt then don’t tuck it in irrespective of its hem. A stripes shirt looks better tucked in and a chequered shirt looks better untucked.



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3. Check the style:

Your undershirts definitely have to be tucked in no matter what. T-shirts are usually left untucked unless there’s a distinct style statement that you’re trying to make, like the one with your polo neck T-shirt or a shirt paired with your chino shorts. If you’re going tucked in don’t forget the belt. But, if you’re skipping the belt get rid of the loops in the pants. Half sleeve shirts are better off untucked. If you’re donning a blazer or a jacket with a collar, the jumper or a turtle neck sweater inside demands to be tucked in or even half tucked.



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So swim smoothly through your dilemma of tucked in or tucked out by checking on your look keeping these three points in mind. You’re good to go if your style is right. Shirts are worn to state sophistication and the style they are worn with is of paramount importance. So think before you go!