Top 4 Shirt Styles For Men This Season

It’s important to always pick the style that matches your own taste, purpose and what you feel most comfortable in. New shirt styles are out for this season, just go ahead and pick the right style for yourself. We present the top 4 shirt styles, the latest fashion trends for men this season:

1. Graphic Art Shirts:

The men new style is to combine various art forms into the men’s fashion. The trend is of figurative, mosaic and handmade art printed onto button-up shirts, giving a bold new look. Pair them with patchwork or velvet trousers to stand out.

graphic art shirts


2. Kaleidoscope Printed Shirts :

These kinds of printed designs are super trendy this season. Distinct types in the runway collections have showcased kaleidoscopic prints making a distinctive statement. It is recommended to pair them with patchwork and textured jackets.

Kaleidoscope Printed Shirts


3. Classic Striped Shirts :

The classics are back in men’s fashion, the striped shirts, a timeless menswear essential is the simple yet classic striped shirts that are making waves to emerge as the latest fashion style for men.

classic striped shirt


4. Statement Button Placket :

Now even the simple button placket has got more stylish! Dolce & Gabbana introduced ruffles on the hemline of the button placket. The look by Versace also had an unusual color for buttons and the placket.

Statement Button Placket