Tips For Choosing Athletic Shoes

Among the various exercise for men, running and walking are among the purest, most natural forms of exercise. Choosing wrong athletic shoes could lead to various problems including aching heels. You should enjoy your running, and shoes must be your best partners in your spirit. We tell you how to choose the best footwear.

1. Remember you need to have separate shoes for running. Walking shoes have a hard sole and are hence thicker and stiff while running shoes are flexible. It is advised not to have multi-tasking shows that suffice all your purposes.



2. You should look for the design of your foot through your footprints, before deciding on the model of the footwear. Remember everyone’s foot shape differs, what is offered to you in the shop is a standard design. You may have a large narrow connection between the forefoot and heel indicating that you should look for a cushioned shoe with a soft midsole. Else if you have a side portion ‘a neutral arch’ a distinct curve, then prefer to have the right mix of cushioning and support.



3. Sizes vary between the brands, you should definitely measure your feet size, before ordering online. One size does not fit all, your comfort factor might be very different from others who are also ordering online. If you are really serious about your health and your sports, you should not do what others are doing.



4. You should measure the size of the feet toward the end of the day. Feet expand while you run or walk, so you should ideally choose your shoes in the evenings or after the suggested gym workouts for men when they are the largest.



5. When you have finalized the design and the type of shoes based on your foot shape, you should ensure that there is at least 3/8-1/2-inch space between the front of your big toe and the end of the shoe. The heel portion of the shoe should fit relatively tightly while the upper part of the shoe should not be compact, your toes should not feel compressed.