Ties or Bowties?

Ties and bowties are an essential part of menswear and when you wear formal suits, you must choose one of these options. Ties are more commonplace and easier to buy and wear, while bow-ties are more classy and more in sync with latest fashion trends. We’ll tell you whether to go for ties or bow ties depending on your style and outfits:




1. Ties Are Commonplace:

Unless you’re going for a super funky or designer tie, they are pretty commonplace and worn by practically everyone. From a work weary corporate guy, to men on their wedding days, ties are a basic men’s necessity. Now if you have to wear a suit to work, then ties are usually more suitable unless you’re going super formal with your attire.



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2. Bow-Ties Are Classy:

The epitome of classic fashion, bow ties are uber fashionable and automatically make you look more stylish. They go really well with a tuxedo or a really formal suit. On the other hand, you can even sport funky bow ties with a casual short to pull of the fashionable, hipster look.



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3. You Can’t Go Wrong With A Basic Tie:

As far as ties go, it’s difficult to mess up unless you go for an extremely un-trendy colour or a garish print. Even if the tie is not super fashionable at the moment, it usually looks subtle and goes well with a lot of outfits without trying too hard.



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4. Bow-Ties Are Daring:

As opposed to the relative safety and comfort of ties, bow-ties are a little daring in the fashion world. According to fashion and style you shouldn’t go for clip on bows, as they don’t look as genuine. Go for a good old-fashioned necktie that you have to tie into a bow and you’ll look super classy.



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So depending on your choice and the occasion you’re going for, you can opt for either a tie or a bow-tie. Both can be fashionable and classy although bow-ties definitely win when it comes to following the latest fashion in menswear!