The Not-So-Boring Office Look

Office wear can be drab and dull and boring. Combine this with a Monday morning and you have the depression and the blues. With a new year, revamp your office look and style and just revel in those moments when people give you ‘the look’ (in a good way).




Here are some suggestions:

Corduroy Suit 

Yup it is no longer wool or polyester. Corduroy was voted as one of the best fabrics for 2015. Play it semi formal and slight casual with a corduroy suit. Made from cotton, this fabric looks great with just about anything and in just about anything. Tan and brown coloured corduroy fabrics look great; so go and get one and add some jazz to your office wardrobe.




Striped Ties

Who doesn’t love ties, right? The smallest accessory in your everyday outfit makes you feel like a million bucks. However, this is ‘the’ year for striped ties. No not diagonal or vertical or pinstripes; we are talking about straight horizontal stripes with even spaces, giving your OCD some relaxation which is oddly calming. Horizontal striped ties make you look fun without trying too hard. As formal as your normal patterned ones, these can be worn outside of work too without looking too ‘investment banker like.’




Monk Shoes 

The strapped monk shoes have become a rage for office wear or formal dos. With designers picking up on the trend and making it more mainstream, it is no wonder that you see a lot of them at display in stores. To make them trendier, opt for shoes with slight metal detailing. They look great with the added accessory and make quite a statement; a subtle but noticeable one. You don’t want shoes which scream ‘look at me, I am a neon croc’ at work now, do you?




So with these three amazing tips, go ahead and jazz up your office wear. See the spring in your step and the spark in you which you lost somewhere between a Sunday evening and a Monday till Friday routine. If you stick to the trends which suit you the best and are not afraid to experiment, then your professional life in 2015 should be a breeze.