Suit and Tie: What you need to know

Suits and ties are the basic essentials in every man’s wardrobe; they look elegant, classy and can be worn on numerous occasions. For the millions of office goers it becomes mundane. Get the shirt and tie combination wrong and all hell breaks loose. But don’t you worry boy, we have got a plan, or rather some fashion tips for you.





The basic colors are staple in any man’s wardrobe be in white, light blue or pale pink. When in doubt, play it safe, pair the usual suspects together a pale pink and beige trousers. If you are the slightly adventurous type, pair a polka dotted or patterned ties with a darker hued shirt. Purple makes for a great combination with the pale pink one or you could wear white tie with black polka dots on a white or black shirt.




So we have a few pointers for to make the tie a style statement:

  • The tie should always be a shade darker than the shirt.
  • Always choose patterned ties which have the same colour on them as the base colour of the shirt. With vertical stripes, one can wear a diagonally striped tie or a polka dotted one.
  •  If the shirt has pin stripes then the tie should have a bold pattern and vice versa. You wouldn’t want the boldness in both to make an optical illusion now, would you?
  • To carry off a checked shirt well, always combine a bigger patterned tie with it. However, whilst wearing a plaid shirt, please opt for a bold coloured tie from one of the base colours of the shirt. A plaid shirt’s pattern is too loud and you need to downplay the effect with a tie.






Once you have discovered your own style, go ahead and wear that orange cycle printed tie with a yellow shirt. With these thoughts in mind, grab your wallet and head out the door for that much needed shopping trip and croon with Justin Timberlake, ‘As long as I got my suit and tie…..’