Shopping for Plain Shirts this Summer? These are the Colors you Must Pick

Summer is here, and for those of you who want to just get your basic coloured shirts we’ll tell you which ones to buy. You should buy light, bright, and fresh looking shirt even if it doesn’t go with your sense of menswear. Wearing dark, deep colours on summer days just looks off and uncomfortable, so here are our top colour picks according to latest trends:




1. Light Grey:

Shades of light grey is a great and subtle choice of colour in the summer. It’s simple, is easily matches, and suitable for a lot of occasions. You can wear it with jeans or pants, at office or a regular day out, and it will never be too in your face or out of place.



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2. Yellow:

The one colour that is synonymous with summer is yellow. You can go for a bright, striking yellow if that’s your style or you can go for a really pale yellow, which also looks quite good. It’s a feel good colour so you’ll like wearing it if you usually don’t sport it often.



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3. Pink:

The pink shirt made its way to the latest fashion trends a few seasons back and we think it’s till the epitome of fashion and style for men. A light pink, peach, or salmon colour is sober yet stylish, classy yet fabulous and if you can pull it off then there’s nothing like it.



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4. Blue:

Every man must have a host of blue shirts in his wardrobe. It’s the most basic colour for men and the best part is that there is a variety of suitable blues for the summer. From a light, sky blue, to a deeper, navy blue, there are a lot of tones you can try out.



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So these are out picks for the top colours you should go for this summer. They can go well with a lot of your clothes and are suitable for most occasions, so go get your summer wardrobe on point!