Roll Necks: A Must Try This Winter

2014 so far has been very kind to men’s fashion. And if the AW fall collections are anything to go by, then it will be a more exciting year for winter wear.

Roll necks have made a comeback. They’ve developed a key knitwear trend for themselves and more and more fashion conscious men are buying it for personal collections. There is a lot variety out there. For your reference, we’ve made a list of the 3 designs you must try this fall season.

Chunky Knit Roll Necks:

This is a more casual look. Although it might be considered as slightly less adventurous than some of the other designs available, it still is a classic that a man following the latest trends can go for. The collections usually center around rugged textures and dentures.




Knit Wear Layering:

A design which puts knitwear over knitwear, it’ll help you develop a more unique sense of personal style. There are many lightweight versions available in this section like the crew neck jumpers which are easily paired with tailored trousers. This makes it look slightly more professional but never the less is a good style to follow.


Coupled with a two-piece suit, the tailored roll neck can give even the most expensive suits a run for their money. Most notably done in the colours like grey, soft brown and natural oatmeal, they connote a more mature yet striking aesthetic.

Although the roll necks have already been through a mini revolution, designers are now trying to customize it more and more into their own style. Designers such as Tom Ford and Lanvin feature roll necks quite often into their collections.




The reason why designers had shied away from the roll necks was that many had considered them to be slightly boring. Bond villains, straight forward geography teachers and hipster poets also didn’t help in building its reputation. However, with new collections being displayed on the catwalks this autumn-winter, fall season has never been so creative.




So break away from your comfort zone and try something new. For the last couple of years men’s fashion has always favoured the unorthodox and the rule breakers.

Try the new roll necks collections available at the stores now. A little tip- Try experimenting with colours as well. Bright colours match well with the roll necks. When paired with parkas, biker jackets, trousers, cropped coats and hiking boots, they give out an unmistakable outdoorsy feel.