Quick takeaways from london fashion week mens 2018

Before you go further you need to stay abreast with the latest fashion for men straight from the LFWM 2018, we bring you quick take away from the men new style in 2018 from the walkways:

1. The fashion week highlighted British subcultures with customized jackets from mods to rockers. Army surplus-style great coats are back with hoodies. Patchwork was clearly visible resembling the labels inside jackets.




2. Athletic wear right from boxing, gym wear to clothes meant for football fields are now the trends and can be treated as new casuals.




3. Oversized clothes are making come back; jumpers stuffed with padding, knitted vests, were teamed with classic polos, metallic tartan joggers, and printed silk robes.,




4. Clothes to wig out were in popular theme with outerwear included a revamped version of teddy bear coat, made from white faux fur from toy specialist!




5. Adventurous outfits were the flavor of the season with rock climbing gears taking the center stage. You will also need to add strap belts and bags to tune in to 2018.




6. Velvet is in, as big brands are planning to come out with shades of turmeric, cumin and cocoa powder that will surely spice up your look next autumn. Plain monotone black outfits was also showed across.




7. Utility trousers are for men, with a safety orange winch jackets were seen almost taking the core in the show with the day-glow theme.


8. Man Bags – The oversized bum bags worn across the body are the new trends that makes men need to carry stuff easier and more in-tuned with the latest trends.


9. Hail the trend for the pockets so big they could be two clutch bags, and also with small pockets on the front straps and one larger one at the rear. Keep it safe. Guys.


10. Start wearing the prints inspired by the painter’s imagination right from flares, fisherman hats to jelly shoes. Boxy jackets featured buttons on both the front and the back.


11. Get more creative with clothes, as rainbow spirals on straight-laced tailoring, made in velvet are making waves.