How to Pair your Mufflers

During the dark and dreary winters, during those cold grey mornings, it is very easy to slip into the ‘let’s wear black and grey and my life is depressing as is’ mode. Practically blending in with your surroundings with dull colours reflects in your mood, and the fact that you really wanted to sleep in does not help!

So what does one do to bring a little colour in his life which in turn brings in the ‘spring’ in his step? Why, you accessorize with brighter colours of course!




The Choices:

Yes, gloves and hats are great options but your hands will be stuffed in your pockets and a hat cannot be worn during the ultra windy days. The next best thing is to wear a muffler. Though a muffler is just a piece of a warm cloth, you cannot just tie the first one you find in your closet. There are a couple of rules to be followed, though fashion’s biggest rule is to have no rule.




The Rules:

There are various types of mufflers out there. Working it with your wardrobe can seem like a daunting task but it is not. There is the classic rectangular muffler, the square scarf, the snood (a tube scarf/ muffler with no ends), etc. Pairing your muffler with a shirt is pretty much like pairing your tie. The patterns matter. For example, wearing a striped muffler over a checked shirt is a complete no-no, unless you are vying for the optical illusion contest.




The best type of muffler is the plain one; a muffler which is neutral toned and goes with the basic colours of your clothes. An eye catching colour during winter is definitely maroon or a colour in the same family. Or you could opt for the plaid muffler to be worn with plain dark coloured shirt. Not too bright but definitely not dreary, this colour brings the exact amount of brightness required for your outfit.




The Ways to Wear:

Since we are talking about winter, there is a 100% chance that you will be wearing a blazer and/or a jacket to work and otherwise. The way you wear a muffler with these pieces of clothes also makes a difference. The most common and the quickest way is to merely drape it on the neck with the ends hanging straight down over your chest. This goes well with a sweater. To wear this style with a jacket, just tuck the back under the collar and let the ends hang straight over the jacket. To wear it inside the jacket for a more formal look, simply tuck the ends inside the jacket over your chest; button up the jacket and adjust the muffler evenly for a tidy appearance.




Don’t be baffled by the complicated ways to wear a muffler; this is not grocery shopping. Just go ahead and wear it the way you want to and it will become a second nature to you. Remember – confidence is the key!