Men’s Styling And Grooming Resolutions 2018

The new year is just around the corner and its that time of the year when most individuals are in a party mode and make new resolutions to improve the quality of their lives. However, many people don’t take a firm enough decision about their grooming and styling needs and hardly stay in tune with the latest fashion trends for men. But its time to change, here are some easy ways for men to improve their looks and style and appear on point in 2018.

Grooming resolutions

1. Use a quality fragrance every day :

Many men just take this indispensable element of styling for granted without discerning the fact that a quality fragrance not only masks body odor but also enables them to feel confident and convinced about themselves. Individuals who have a habit of using a quality fragrance not only appear more attractive but also find it pretty easy to make a positive first impact on any person they meet.


Use a quality fragrance every day


2. Use sunscreen every day :

These products are not only meant for women as men also need protection from the harmful UV rays. Using a quality sunblock of minimum SPF 30 is one of the easiest and best ways for men to avoid sun damage and delay the signs of aging to keep their skin looking firm and youthful. It is also important to understand that even during the winters and overcast conditions UV rays can still have an impact on the skin which is why it is imperative to wear a sunscreen daily.


Use sunscreen every day


Styling resolutions

1. Add more colors to the wardrobe :

Men’s wardrobe is usually full of black, brown, white and blue shades as most guys have a tendency to buy these colors over and over again. But it’s time to give these shades a much-needed break and invest in some hues which are visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. Trending shades according to the current fashion trends for men in 2018 are rusted copper, ceramic, emerald green, orange, beige, Alice blue, etc.


Add more colors to the wardrobe


2. Give patchwork denim a try :

Regular and distressed types of denim are too common these days, as every other individual can be spotted wearing them. For a unique and trendy expression investing in a patchwork style denim is a great option in 2018. These styles of denim are available in a variety of shades and patterns, which when paired with a t-shirt and sneakers are ideal for a rocking street smart look on any day of the week.


Give patchwork denim a try