Latest Ways In Which Soccer Has Influenced Latest Fashion For Men

History shows that fashion and soccer have not been good friends. Unlike tennis or golf, where fashion is ingrained in the game soccer has been a game where stars are born out from hardships and struggles on-ground. From Luis Suarez to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo almost all of them have seen no normal teenage upbringing, they did not have the time to adorn the latest trend in fashion for men. The reward, of course, is a life many grow up dreaming of adulation, splendor, and fame.

1. CR7:

Few soccer stars have experimented with fashion as they have started their own labels starting with Cristiano Ronaldo who own a denim brand CR7. CR7 has a popular line of men’s underwear, socks, and fragrances that has been designed by Danish company JBS and designer Richard Chai. The line consists of a range of underwear and socks. Ronaldo has also launched footwear and shirts in his home country Portugal.



2. Adidas, H&M:

Paul Pogba, the French mid-fielder owns an Adidas sub-label and has been heavily featured in media campaigns. Pogba also own Twitter-emoji and his logo is marked on black and gold sports products. David Beckham, who already is a fashion icon has also joined hands with Swedish retailer H&M to launch his own men’s clothing line. Ivorian Coast striker Didier Drogba also has a clothing line Drogba & Co by HOM that promotes briefs, t-shirts, and boxer-shorts.



3. Spring and Fall 2018:

Recently, in last few fashion weeks in Paris and Milan, fashion designers have also introduced “soccer scarves” that are typically worn by the football fans that depict their loyalties on the match day. In the Spring and Fall 2018 collections, Parisian label Koché has also introduced innovative and stylish soccer jerseys created in partnership with Paris Saint-Germain. Versace’s latest menswear collection FW18 has the larger-than-life soccer scarves, while Nike’s latest collection has “everything in soccer” right from soccer jerseys to soccer-inspired sneakers.



4. Dolce & Gabbana:

Let’s hope the relationship between the fashion and football head towards peace and harmony overcoming the bad phases that spoilt the relationship, more recently between Maradona and Dolce & Gabbana, wherein the soccer superstar had demanded a huge compensation from D & G for using his name.