With These Trends By Your Side, You’re Sure To Rock That Party: 3 things you can wear at the next party

It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy hopping from one party to another and cribbing about how they don’t have anything to wear. Scientists across the globe haven’t been able to come up with a solution to the perennial problem of the eternal party goer of not having enough options to choose from a wardrobe full of garments. But we have a much more logical and simplistic approach to standing out at a party. Invest in a couple of pieces each of the following and you’ll be a guaranteed head turner at every party you attend.

Cocktail Blazers:





Winter is fast approaching so keeping a jacket or blazer handy will probably come naturally to you. But we’re not talking formal jackets. Keep a linen jacket, one in fashionable colours and contrast piping details for effect, on standby at all times. Cocktail jackets look great on casual and semi-formal outfits as well. Just throw it over when you feel the chill in a bar and you’ll still look your dapper best. Be a gentleman and don’t hesitate to lend your jacket to a woman who can’t stand the cold when the need arises though.

Statement Pants:


Image courtesy: aliexpress.com


If you think you got it in you, definitely try out a pair of statement pants for a party this season. Slim fit pants in tartan are the coolest and hippest pattern to flaunt and one just can’t seem to get enough of this classic print these days. Wool pants in bold cheques, stripes or other funky prints will definitely help notch up your fashion quotient. The right styling, however, is extremely crucial to get this look right and the key is to team statement pants with a solid, muted tee.

Slim Tie:




Seriously, the slimmer the tie, the better this season, the latest fashion obsession being with ties as thin as a metal ruler. Club them with formals or even hang one loosely to go with your tee and denim look… a slim tie works wonders with every silhouette. Not to forget the boyish charm they exude… one that chicks find quite irresistible. Slim ties in funky prints or with cartoon characters on them are quite endearing as well. We don’t know about you, but in our opinion, a macho guy who still harbours a soft corner for his favourite cartoons and is not afraid to flaunt it, spells absolute confidence.