Belting It Right

Rules for wearing a belt? How can one possibly go wrong with such a simple task, you might wonder. But the truth of the matter is that this seemingly banal task can go horribly wrong if you don’t get the basics right. Lucky for you, the guide to wearing a belt to impress is pretty concise and comprehensible. Let’s begin…

1. The Length:

We’ve all seen men sport belts so short, they barely manage to peep out of the buckle, once fastened. Be a little generous and give your belt some breathing space too. Ideally, a belt should be long enough that there are a few inches lying loose once fastened. Don’t let this bit dangle out of the buckle, but tuck neatly away into the first belt loop for a crisp and clean finished look. On the other hand, an extra long belt, one that goes all the way around the waist is enough cause for embarrassment as well. As a thumb rule, a belt should reach the first and at the most, the second loop. Nothing more. Nothing less.




2. The Buckle:

Let’s face it. The more attention seeking your buckle is, the less formal it automatically becomes, especially those that flaunt bulky brand initials. Think a belt with a large LV or Gucci logo as a buckle… definitely not something you can team with formal outfits or for sombre events and occasions. But for parties… heck yea!




Belts with eye catchy buckles are best teamed with denims and tees or chinos and shirt pairings. Pick buckles in a neutral palette, classic metal, rust or in light gold and silver hues over colourful and patterned ones any day.




3. Match Up:

As a general rule, stick to matching all the shades and textures of leather on you. So brown leather shoes call for a brown leather belt, while a canvas belt calls for canvas shoes… and so on and so forth. Matte and gloss belts look best when teamed with matte and gloss shoes respectively.




4. Other Basics:

Wondering which side of the belt to loop first? FYI, it’s always the left. If you’ve been looping in from the right all this while, it’s time to change this habit, right now. The width of the belt also matters, boys. Slim belts are your thing? Make sure you team them with pants that have slim loops as well. The last thing you want is your belt sliding up and down large trouser loops.