Pop Goes the Colour How to wear coloured trousers?

You love dressing up to the T but lately haven’t been sure of how okay you are with the same old washed out denims and a choice between black, brown and grey trousers. You want colour in your life and outfit. So what does one do? One takes it up upon himself to experiment with pants and colours.

Don’t be alarmed. We are not asking you to step out in baby pink coloured pants with a yellow shirt and a red scarf. To help you ease your doubts, let’s talk about some muted colours which are available out there and how to wear them.




1. Red:

Red is a very ‘dare to be out there’ colour. It tells us that the person wearing a red piece of clothing is not afraid to experiment. But you need to wear the bright siren red which hurts the eye. Look for the colour in burgundy or rust or maroon. Once you wear it, make sure your shirt/ t-shirt is neutral coloured. Your shoes can be neutral or coloured (choose green or navy loafers but stay away from brown).




2. Orange:

Yes, you might think of the bright orange colour and remember summer. But we are not talking about a colour that hurts the eye. We are talking a more muted tone of burnt orange, which can be worked into your wardrobe with so much ease like you wouldn’t believe.




3. Green:

Nah, not neon green. We are talking more in terms of olive green or dark forest green. This colour looks amazing during any season and should be paired with any coloured shoes except green.




4. Blue:

Not only stuck to denims, navy blue or any or cobalt blue look brilliant in pants. They make you look relaxed and laid back as pants don’t have the bulky denim look and feel. Go ahead and pair it with white or black t-shirts/ shirt and solid coloured shoes such as burgundy, white, black, tan, brown, green, etc.




5. Brown:

Brown is one of the most muted colours available out there. But don’t think of the boring muddy brown. Get into terms with chocolate brown, dark brown or tan. These colours flatter any skin type and look great for a weekend out. Whilst wearing brown, always stay away from black coloured shoes (or vice versa). Black and brown is the most widely used combination and is also extremely wrong.