Innovative Ways to Drape Your Scarf this Winter

Scarves and mufflers are absolute fashion essentials in winters. However, you might get bored of your look if you only wear it one way. For the fashionable man we have a number of ways how you can wrap your neck accessory with style:




1. Looped Around:

A simple and cool way to wear your muffler is to create a loop around the neck and let both the ends fall in the front. You need a decent length for your scarf so that at least one end falls near your waist, otherwise it might look a little odd. You can pull off this look with most ensembles.



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2. High Fashion Knot:

If you want to take it a step further and follow the latest fashion for men, then try out this very fashionable knot. Use an extra long length scarf for this, in a lightweight fabric like silk and let the long ends flutter stylishly. Try it with a few different outfits to see what suits you best as it’s not an easy look to pull off.



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3. Old School:

The best fashion and style is often the simplest. Keep it chic with a bulky woollen muffler and wear it with one end casually tossed over your shoulder. It looks effortless and cool at the same time and it definitely won’t take you any time to style it this way. It’s even easy to remove.



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4. Short and Sweet:

A popular way to wear mufflers is to double up your muffler and loop it through into a knot. The result is a crisp, polished look and this style will go well with formal wear. It’s totally classic fashion.



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So don’t just wear your mufflers the same way everyday. Change it up and you can make the same scarf look totally different depending on how you wear it. Try these styles and see which one suits you to up your fashion ante.