If The Shoe Fits: The perfect guide to formal shoes

Shoes make a man or rather the outfit. It is true. No matter how impeccable your attire for the day is or how perfectly you are dressed, the right or wrong pair of shoes has the ability and power to make or break your look, respectively. Men usually don’t need/ want more than four to five pairs of shoes but the biggest challenge comes in whilst choosing a pair of formal shoes. There are basic tips to help you picking out the perfect pair-


It is no secret that well polished leather looks extremely formal when compared to other materials used. Leather has the ability to give anything it is used on a sophisticated feel. The other material that one could possible try to choose is suede.





Black is the colour for formal shoes. However, one can even choose to wear brown shoes with a navy coloured suit. It will look equally formal.





It should come as absolutely no surprise that a thin sole represents a cheaper shoe which will wear off soon. A thicker sole with better quality material will last for a far longer period of time.


If you have tried buying formal shoes then you would be aware of the types which are available out there.


The most common and the most formal are the Oxfords. The ones in black and brown are the most popular even though Oxfords come in an array of colours. Brogues and wingtips are a variation of Oxfords.




Monk Straps: 

These shoes are made of leather and come with one or two or three straps in place of laces. The leather versions are very formal and are a bit of attention grabbers.





Don’t think of boots as only a precaution against the winters. Formal dress boots are available which go perfectly well with suits. Choose between the Chukka boots or the Chelsea ones.


Lace ups always look more formal than slip on’s. That being said, black loafers are extremely formal. They pair well with jeans and suits especially without a tie.




Men consider shopping a task and buying shoes does not come easy. Having said that, one must be sure of what he wants when he walks into a store and should have a classic on his foot when he walks away.