How To Make A Fashion Statement In That New Year Party

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year and you would hardly spot anyone who is not out and about, partying hard. How you should dress for the party depends largely on the venue at which you are celebrating. So follow these fashion tips about what to wear and where:




1. Black Tie Event:

If you’re going to a formal, black tie event, then you have to don the tailored suit or tuxedo. You can never go wrong with a black suit if you aren’t too experimental with colours. Pair it with a bright, cashmere or silk stole to add that oomph factor to your outfit.



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2. House/Farm Party:

A big house or farm party is usually a more casual affair. When it comes to menswear, you don’t need to worry too much and just throw on a stylish leather jacket over denims. Try to avoid black and brown as those are the most commonly worn colours and you don’t want to just melt into the crowd.



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3. Club:

If you and your friends are hitting a club or a bar then you need to pay more attention to the latest fashion styles. A shiny sports coat paired with a shirt or a t-shirt would look cool and the right amount of formal.



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4. Dinner with Family:

Usually a more sober and quiet way of celebrating the New Year, so you should dress accordingly. Fashion styles for men dictate that a blazer looks respectful and fresh. Pair with a shirt and warm pants and you’ll be good to go.



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New Year’s Eve is a time to notice and be noticed, and there’s usually a lot of photographic evidence as well. So follow this fashion guide and dress according to the party and you’ll be more likely to attract a lot of female attention!