How To Choose The Right Watch For Yourself

Let’s face it: Wrist watches have never gone out of style even for a short period of time. They have always effortlessly epitomized the sophistication quotient of their wearers. Despite the rise of mobile phones and now, smart watches wrist watches haven’t lost even a bit of their essence.




However, it is hard to believe that smart phones are easier to buy than wrist watches. You may exactly know which phone you wish to buy for yourself. But when it comes to picking the right watch, you are clueless.

Here are four factors to keep in mind while going watch-shopping:


1. Set Your Budget:

There is a pool of branded watches in the market. With plenty of brands comes a variation in prices. You can either blow your hard-earned money to flash a jazzy watch or you can buy a decent-looking watch that is great value for money the choice is yours, but so is your money. Therefore, fix a budget that takes care of the features you want in a watch.


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2. Know Your Style:

There are electronic watches, pocket watches, luxury watches (with diamond carvings) and vintage watches to name a few. But can you pull off all of them? Nope. You have to be 100 per cent sure of your intent to buy and use a watch. Don’t make a fool of yourself by wearing a watch that is unsuitable at most places or occasions.




3. Pick A Fitting Piece:

Buy a watch that actually fits you. Like clothes, watches, too, look good on a person only if they fit him or her well. Imagine a 100-kilo person wearing a tiny watch that has a small face and a short strap. That would be a fashion disaster!



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4. Choose The Right Material:

A wrist watch may be made of stainless steel, be gold or titanium-plated, have leather straps and even majorly comprise synthetic materials such as nylon and rubber. You have to make sure that you pick a material that is elegant, easy-to-maintain and of course, cost-effective.




Remember: A wrist watch is your accessory. As long as you are comfortable wearing it and are not burning a hole in your pocket you are fine. Don’t over-splurge or pick something that’s too fancy. Be sensible while picking “the one”.