How to Buy the Perfect Belt

Belts are added as almost an afterthought to an outfit, but they are actually absolute fashion essentials. A wrong belt can ruin a perfectly good outfit. So, the next time you go shopping for belts, keep these fashion tips in mind:




1. Casual Belts:

When sporting casual belts you can experiment with your style more, although you shouldn’t make it too matching to your shoes or outfit. It can be of any material like woven leather, studded, fabric, suede, printed, exotic animal skin, etc., but don’t go wider than 4 cm. In a casual outfit, a funky men’s fashion belt, can really add oomph to your outfit.



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2. Formal Belts:

The belts that you wear with your tailored suits and pants should be completely understated. Belts made with fine leather, around 3 cm in width, and in subtle black and brown colours are ideal. It should complement your outfit with grace and match your shoes. There is seldom a formal menswear outfit that won’t match with either black or brown.



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3. Style Guidelines:

Belts draw attention to your midsection, so choose accordingly. If you want to look taller, then don’t pick a contrasting colour. On the other hand, if you’re tall and want to break your vertical line, then go for a belt that stands out.. An aged belt looks good when an antique, formal look is required. A shiny, glossy belt goes well in business situations and even to perk up a pair of faded jeans.



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4. Branded Buckles:

There is a lot of conflict on this. Some believe in being understated and letting the style talk, while some men want to show off their shiny, new buckle. All high-end brands make belts with branded buckles and they sell well. Some think that it gives a douche factor, but if you run in circles where this sort of accessory is commonplace, then go for it!


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Wearing the correct belt is an easy task but it is also important. A well matched, fine quality belt may not be noticed particularly, but an untidy or unmatched one will stand out. A belt should add to your outfit; so follow this guide for the basics on how to go about wearing casual and formal belts.