From Spring to Autumn: your simple wardrobe change

With a change in the weather, it’s time for you to make a change in your wardrobe too. You want to look as stylish in autumn as you did in summer, don’t you? So here are a few style tips for you to keep in mind which will help you keep up to date with the latest trends while simultaneously not burning a hole in your pocket -

1. Own The Correct Outerwear:

During autumn, an outerwear becomes the most important clothing item a man can own. This is because of the fact that the correct jacket/coat can provide your look with a pleasing balance between functionality and fashion. During fall, the perfect piece of outerwear will be something you can wear alone or on top of a shirt, while during winter, you can wear the same piece over multiple layers of clothing.

You should go ahead and buy yourself a Pea Coat in black, dark grey or navy blue because it’s the perfect piece of transitioning clothing for you right now! It’s thick enough to keep you warm during cool breezes, but thin enough to not make you sweat beneath when there’s no chill in the air.

You can opt from a wide variety of materials (wool-blends, cotton, and canvas) which make for the most appropriate wear during sudden changes in weather. A bright coloured coat (like chrome yellow or deep red) would immediately liven your look, but be careful, because the colours which are in trend right now may not look as good in the next season. This is a fashion tip which you should keep in mind while purchasing any item of clothing for any occasion.


2. Opt For Clothes In Knitwear:

Not the heavy winter season types (which will make you sweat in this season), but their lightweight counterparts. You can easily wear them beneath your pea coats to look fashionable and yet keep yourself warm.  A lightweight cardigan is an extremely good option for you and it will come in handy for at least the next 3 months to come, and 1 month after the winters over. A cardigan in a light hue will perfectly compliment your dark denim jeans.




3. Change The Style, Cut And Color:

Our fashion tips also include guiding you towards the correct materials, cuts, colours and styles to be worn. During fall, the best material to wear are wool blends (which can be blended with silk, cotton or cashmere). This way, you can keep yourself warm without having to bring too many changes in your wardrobe (which will also cost you a lot of money).




If you’re one to experiment, opt for colours like mustard, burnt brown, blue, green or burnt orange (which are very hot for men’s fashion 2014). Tuck away your bright and printed shirts somewhere safely in the back of your wardrobe now. The more subtle tones are more appropriate for formal/work related functions.