Fashion Tips to Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Looking and dressing up good is essential for men of all ages. Being in your late 30’s or 40’s doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your style or look like an old man. It just means that you shouldn’t dress like you’re 21!

1. Forget the Age, Look Good Always!

We sincerely believe that men should and most definitely can look their best, irrelevant of their age. However, the rule that you should remember is that you shouldn’t try to look younger than you are. There’s a fine thin line between looking young and looking youthful. And to help you out further, we’ve listed out some fashion tips which will attain your youthful charm without any worries.




2. Layer Your Clothes

This might possibly be the golden rule of wearing clothes. Layering creates a visual interest which automatically makes you look better and not to mention younger.




3. Tailor Your Clothes

When we start aging our bodies start to change. As a result, the body shape changes from what it used to be during our teens. What does this means is that you might want to do some modifications to your wardrobe. Tailored clothes guarantee that your clothes will fit you to the T. Not only you’ll look great but also it’ll make you comfortable and confident.




4. Accessorize

We cannot stress enough on this. Accessories can make or break you. A great watch, a pair of cufflinks or an original tie clip give you character and a coveted personality. There’s no better way to express one’s self than through one’s accessories!

5. Choose Your Colours

As you grow old, your choice of colours should be more sophisticated than what it was. Older men usually go for darker colours. However, we’ll say don’t put off the bright colours right now. Wear your yellows and oranges but pair them up with grey or something neutral so that the contrast is balanced out.

6.Get a Haircut

What suited you at the age of 21 won’t suit you at the age of 34. Similarly what looks good on you at 34 might look horrendous at the age of 49. And of course, as the saying goes, a haircut is better than no haircut. Find a haircut which suits your face the best at present.




Follow these forever rules and we promise that you will never lose your youthful grace. However, it is also important for you to remember that a lot of your charm comes from your personality and that can only get better with age. So whatever be your age, embrace it fearlessly.