How to wear white perfectly

White has always been associated with cleanliness and summer. With no sign of winter in the near future, for us every day is summer. With that and the sun beating down hard during the day, we tend to wear whites more often and than usual. Now, white should not be just stuck to a t-shirt. You can wear it in the form of shorts, trousers, blazer, suits and a shirt.




White has got to be the most versatile colour around. A ‘White tie- event is the peak of formal dressing; whereas wearing a white shirt with blue denims screams classic casual. Sure, you may have qualms about wearing this colour as a blazer or trousers, but trust us; we are here to squelch those doubts away.

White Shirt:

Wear it under a blazer, with a suit, over denims, over chinos, etc. the white shirt will look classy and timeless.




White Trousers/ Shorts:

The most important thing to remember while choosing/wearingwhite trousers is the fit. They need to be slim fit. Baggy or a loose fit will just make it look like the opposite of classy. White trousers can be worn formally with leather shoes, well fitted blazers (try navy) and neutral pastel coloured shirts. For a semi formal look, pair a pink shirt with the trousers or shorts (real men wear pink). For an extremely casual look, pair them with prints (shirts or t-shirts) or dark coloured t-shirts. A linen blazer or a light coloured jacket and a pair of loafers, will add a nice touch to the outfit.




White Suit:

It is probably one of the most daunting of all suits to wear. But you will breathe a sigh of relief when we say that a white suit is not formal business let’s-go-to-that-board-meeting suit. It is more for an outdoor day event where everyone is stylishly dressed. The white jacket should be well fitted and tapered at the waist. Yes white looks like a blank canvas to splash paint, but softer pastel shaded shirts look the best with the suit. The white jacket can also be worn with a pair of denims and a darker shade of shirt/ t-shirt.