Dress up for the occasion

‘Clothes make the man’ says the old adage. Yes, that holds true for all you men out there. Aren’t you paying any attention to the way you look or dress? Don’t say you can’t find time to remember all the fashion faux pas! Think of it this way, if you make the effort to remember the rules you are saving yourself from many embarrassing moments.

We are here to steer you in the right direction-


Dress For The Occasion:

Dress the part! Irrespective of what the occasion may be, don’t go to an occasion dressed badly. Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a party, it requires you to dress in that crisp blue suit or grey suit. If you are going for a more vibrant look, make sure you don’t dress over the top even if it’s a mix and match. In a wedding or festive setting, traditional is a way to go. You could give it a contemporary twist without it looking out of place or it being inappropriate. The belts need to match the shoes and the socks need to look acceptable as well. Don’t want to make it an expensive affair? Invest in reversible belts, so they will match your shoes on most occasions.  Give a miss to the crocodile skinned long nosed shoes, stick to regular cuts.




Too Many Prints:

With the floral making its way into the men’s closets, prints are ‘in’ this season. However, that doesn’t mean you pick up the first printed jacket or pants. Boys stay away from the animal prints, unless you are the overtly fashion conscious type. If you do wish to incorporate prints into your wardrobe, figure out whether they suit your body type and personality. Prints up your fashion quotient but that doesn’t mean you need to wear what the models wear even if it doesn’t suit you.




Be Well Groomed:

Whether you are clean shaven, rugged or have a stubble- no matter what you choose it needs to suit you. Looking good is a prerequisite. Being well-dressed is just half the battle won because other half is the way groom yourself. There are many products in the market that help you enhance your looks. Gel the hair, trim the beard and dress well and there is no stopping you.

Looking good can just get easier with these easy tips. So, pick your favourite attire, style the stray strands and wear your new found style with confidence. And you’ll be the complete man!