Be Smart(ly) Casual: A guide to casual dressing

For a lot of you dressing up casually may prove to be major challenge especially if you work in offices where suits are a norm and/ or you have been in a uniform for all your life. But even the busiest of us get a couple of days off when we just don’t want to make any effort to look smart.

With a few tips in mind, you are good to step out and take on the world-

1. Dress Codes:

First and foremost, always understand the dress codes. There is a huge difference between formal, semi formal, business formal, business casual and casual. Today we will talk about the absolute last one.




2. Fit:

To not look like a slob, don’t dress like one. That’s right. Don’t wear baggy clothes. The clothes you wear and opt for should be well fitted.




3. The Look:

The top and bottom have to match. You cannot wear a baggy sweater with slim fit semi formal pants. If the sweater is baggy and worn out, the bottom should be too. Stay away from the ‘acid washed jeans’ or the ‘rugged look’, the best way to get these jeans is to practically live in them. Invest in well fitted colourful chinos (if you want to wear for work then choose darker colours like navy and olive). Graphic tees are a must have now days as are casual shirts. T-shirts with quirky prints on them look fun during the day, whereas casual shirts (probably with stripes) make you look laid back in the evening. Opt for shoes such as loafers or sneakers.




4. Our Tip:

Don’t be afraid to work with colour and prints and incorporate some classics in the look. Go all out and experiment with the style till you yourself our comfortable with a particular look. Check shirts, T-shirts with logos, blue jeans, khaki trousers all make for a good look.




A lot of us think that casual dressing is equal to dressing up like a slob on weekends. Yes, yes, weekends are reserved for not getting out of bed and not shaving, but it will be better if one takes slightly more effort whilst stepping out, dressed casually. You wouldn’t want to run into a girl while looking a polar bear now, would you?