Boots, Sneakers Or Flip-Flops – Which Is Best For Travel

Choosing the right footwear at the right occasion will change the look of your entire wardrobe. Moreover, if you are traveling the right footwear can either make or break your backpacking experience. A wrong choice of footwear can not only ruin your trip but can also leave you sulking with blisters and pain. A new trend in fashion for men is to wear stylish boots or trendy sneakers during travel but often you get confused about the suitable footwear that needs to be packed in your travel bag, we present you the detailed solution that solves the enigma.

1. In the wild:

Choosing a footwear starts from the activities that you wish to pursue your trip. If you are intending to go for hiking, in forests, on rocks, and on hard terrains – there is only one straight answer, pack your sturdy hiking boots. These shoes are designed to give stability and comfort to feet. The boots are designed to support your ankle and are durable for long distance walk, even on rough terrain. You should note that while ‘Trainer’ shoes have thin soles; hiking shoes have thicker and waterproof options.



2. In the markets:

If you want keen to explore historic monuments, colorful markets, and ethnic rural villages, simply choose a good pair of trainers or sneakers. Always choose a comfortable, supportive and lightweight option. You will not only look stylish all day but will also help you uncover numerous hidden facts of those travel places.



3. Staying cool in the sand:

Flip-flops are the latest men’s fashion trends, they are not only suitable for long walks on the beach but also for all religious places where removing footwear is essential. If you on the sand and just want to do some fun activities, prefer wearing flip-flops else if you want to sit at a distance and enjoy the sea-food, wear sandals. You can practically wear all the casual clothing with this type of footwear right from shorts, the Bermudas to pajamas. One of the best type of footwear when you are spending time just with yourself.