Best Eyewear Styles For Indian Men

Handpick your eyewear to look handsome, sauve and dashing at the time when it really matters. In-tune to the latest fashion for men we present the top 4 eyewear styles for Indian men.

1.Wayfarer Glasses Frames :

Men’s Wayfarer Eyeglasses are the classical, iconic eyewear style that can be worn with any dress. They are proven to be a universal staple and timelessly stylish.



2. Aviator Glasses Frames :

This kind of frames looks good on almost everyone. The aviator frames are also undoubtedly the most iconic eyeglass model ever made. You can match them with almost any outfit.



3. Titanium Metal Eyeglasses :

Most metal frames are made from a copper and nickel base. This mens new style is corrosion resistant, strong, and easily adjusted. Found in a variety of shapes and colors, they are on wearer’s top of mind. Wildly popular these days, titanium glasses combine strength with lightweight and offer an impressive performance.

titanium metal


4. Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames :

With thick-rimmed glasses, you will have that exceptional retro look that is a hit this season! These bold frames are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you go. Durable and stronger, they are also hypoallergenic, have good resistance to water and acids that adjusts to your face shape making you tuned to the latest fashion for men in India.

Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames