Benedict Cumberbatch – The Style Icon

You have known him as probably the best Sherlock on TV or as Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit series or as Khan in Star Trek into Darkness. You have also known and realized he is the perfect man for anyone and his style is spot on. This modest 38 year old (he thinks he has an odd face, shaped like a horse) gained international fame and recognition in 2010 thanks to Sherlock Holmes, though his on screen debut had taken place 10 years before.




He was pretty nice about the whole cyber stalking incident a couple of years back when a fan was tweeting about his doings in real time. With a talent like his and with the knack of getting in the World’s Hottest Men list every year, it is no wonder that his home country calls him a ‘National Treasure’ and with good reason!




In 2013, he had taken to flashing hand written notes to the paparazzi whenever he used to get photographed outside his house asking them to ‘photograph Egypt and show the world something important.’ He was not only aware of the crises but actually knew something about it. Along with his acting talent he managed to learn how to play the violin in a week.




He has a certain penchant for suits. He can dress up and dress down in a suit; he will not be overly dressed nor will he be under dressed! He will be dressed just right for the occasion at hand. While a Spencer Hart suit with an open collar shirt was the perfect dressed down style for a function in London, a perfect monochrome outfit was his choice for the Golden Globes. He was born into a privileged family about which he is not sorry. He wears it on his sleeve and his posh upbringing is noticed in his personality and the way he carried himself. He can wear a scarf like a boss and shoot his cuffs like the suave gentleman we know him to be.

Being a style icon does not mean that one should be able to dress up well and carry the latest styles with élan. Being a style icon means letting your personality shine through with the way one talks and the knowledge one possesses along with the humility that is required. Mr. Cumberbatch (no,we cannot call him by his first name) effortlessly blends everything into one great package. Oh and he can mimic actors such as Alan Rickman really well!