Accessories to avoid this monsoon

Monsoons are not an easy season to look stylish. While we do enjoy the freshness and greenery rains bring, it does handicap us on the fashion front. With the sun shining brightly one minute and torrential downpour in the next, it does become tricky to dress up. Don’t let the monsoons dampen your spirit. Slay the monsoons in style by avoiding these accessories.

Accessories to avoid this monsoon

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1. Watches :

Watches are an integral part of latest fashion trends for men. Men love to accessorize with expensive watches that represent their personal style. Opt for waterproof watches with silicon straps on rainy days. Leather and metal strap watches get dull and discolored in the rain. Also, chances are that water will seep into the machine ruining the piece completely. So, unless you have a water-proof watch, it is better to leave it in your cupboard on a rainy day.


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2.Leather Footwear :

Leather footwear should be avoided completely during the monsoon season. Leather shoes are expensive and high maintenance. Even the slightest shower can ruin your shoes with permanent water stains. If worn during the rains, leather shoes begin to shrivel up and crack. Opt for faux leather shoes or rubber ones for a formal event. Footwear in monsoon should rather be sturdy and durable, with a good sole, instead of being fancy.

Leather Footwear

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3.Bags :

Ominous as it sounds; it is best to be prepared when it comes to dealing with monsoons. Bags are a staple accessory for those heading for work or to college. Leather laptop bags or regular low-quality backpacks are not water resistant and pose risk to the damage of our essentials inside them. It is best to invest in waterproof bags that are safe and protect our expensive belongings. You can choose from a plethora of vibrant and stylish options that also add an edge to any outfit.


Just because it is raining doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Revamp your style by avoiding these accessories to be more comfortable this season. The trick is to be functional yet smart, from a light drizzle to a power packed shower these little tips will help you get through the downpour in style.